Tuesday, March 17, 2009

big apple!

huh..yesterday, i am totally exhausted!. new assignments to be done before exam..urgh!..aha!..my frens and i are now a fan of big apple!..hahaha..i love the 'alien'..

today, insyaAllah..we will go to Sacc Mall to buy that crap thing..hahaha..so sweet enough to diagnose u to have diabetes..god forbid!.

nyum2..cant wait to taste it!

hahaha..suddenly i remembered my presentation for my english class..the lecturer, played it again yesterday..hahaha..i was really a jerk..hahaha...doing my silly jokes..cant describe it..ill try to ask for the video from my lecturer later..wished to watch it a lot of time...

huh..counting the days for exam!..i dunno..the main point here is, i am NOT PREPARED!!...
waa~..if only there is no exams in this world..hohoh..6 april-9 april..ur killing me!..

miss my chocolate cake!..
sorry, i cannot publish a long2 post..because i dunno wut to write about...hoho..


  1. huk3..
    x standby ag utk pekse...?
    ya Allah..
    x pe2..
    mane tau ade belaku keajaiban ke..

  2. uish ...macam mane nak standby dek oi..
    br je abes module paling susah dlm sejarah medicine!..hahaha..dh a ade test..tumpu2..hoho

  3. wawa big apple. seday sey. vote for almond and alien!!

  4. ye2...
    kami menggemarinyerrr!!!!!
    big apple adalah KAMI..hahahahahah
    sesape yg terase,alia, nuyei,syud,ana,dila(hantu alien same ngan alia),melin...n laen2...

  5. yeah..itu yg kita mahukan..mkn la donut byk2..smpi mke pon jd donut!..huhu

    hidup alien!..

    lps ni, ak bkk big orange!..dtg bli taw..hahaha..

  6. baizura and i also ska alien's big apple.hehe.i think it is in the blood man.haha.