Sunday, February 8, 2009

i remembered an incident, i was in trauma..or i wasnt?

actually, suddenly today, i remembered 2 years ago when i was in matrix..i went to visit my grandma who was sick..but shes okay..thnx Allah..

suddenly i was informed that my cousin was involved in an accident, so i rushed to see him at the emergency room in the hosp..what hosp was it..i dun remember..n beside him, on the other bed..i heared doctors n nurses were freaking critical..i bet they were trying to save a man's life..n i saw a women waiting in fear..the curtains were closed..n suddenly i heared..sumone said: we cant save him..n heared that ECG stops working..i knew the man was gone...and i saw the man on the one with him now..just him..alone with blankets covering him..n the woman starts crying..

i was just shock..never thought i would experienced it..but i was rather cool..maybe i was crazy dat time..huhu..

how would u feel if u were in my shoes?

P/S: remember Allah always..we wont noe when we'll die..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

ur crazy!

actually, im the one who is crazy..humiliated yesterday..all becoz of this new retainer.. like an idiot speaking to that guy to buy my frens book...guy?..owh maybe sumones dad!..wahaha..he laughed at me with his fren..if only i could beat him up..hehe.. so tired..thinking bout the future..i just want to run away!..i think i can..i think i cant...horrible alia! come my bebeh..come faster n faster so that i can slap u..hoho

Thursday, February 5, 2009

HOw could u leave me alone without u?

im so sad dat u left me...3 years with gonna miss u throughout my life..things we shared together..we ate together..when i ate my fav food..u also did..eventhough i dun even know whether u liked it or could they separate us like dat.. u also felt the pain when i was hurt..ur so adorable..i love u so much..but now they introduce me to a new u..better than u..u may think im cruel..i was for my own good..thanks to so sorry my love..the love we shared are now gone... crazy~!!!..
probably ull think i just broke up with my bf..or whatsoeva..wrong!!!

its my BRACES!!...i lost my braces TODAY!..well i didnt lost it at the road..dats so crap~i lost it at the clinic in Bangsar.. the doc took out the braces.!!! free...but not that happy 100%...that was a memory..really sweet memory..i started wearing it when i was in form4..

in exchange..the doc gave me sumthing called hurts..really when i have absscess in my mouth..infection i guess..i cant speak a child starting to learn how to speak ABC..cant eat well...urgh..imagine it...anyway,..a new life has started today..n ill live with it for 1 year if Allah still wanted me to live..

P/S: love sumbody who loves u very much..take the opportunity to appreciate them for loving u before they're not there for u anymore..just say u love them n im sure they'll be happy 100%!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thanks a LOT mum! so happy becoz my mum bought me a teddy bear!..maybe ull think im childish..its been so long that i didnt bought for myself a teddy bear..thanks mum~

sweet rite?

well, anyway, today i woke up early n did some work on my assignment..
my head is going to explode thinking bout urinary module that was very tough for me..i should revise it back before its too late..i remembered during my 1st mid sem break, i didnt even touched my book..i was like a butterfly..felt so free to do what i wanted..i was very2 happy but i dun noe y i feel so hectic this 2nd break..maybe becoz im crazy..hahaha..wuteva it not a nerd n i wont let the books get over me..

i also went to a wedding ceremony in Bandar Tun lucky i was, alhamdulillah..becoz they gave chocolate muffins with white chocolate chips on them..pergh..i was delighted when i saw all the muffins!!..plz give me more chocolate muffins will u..

hahaha..i just wanted to laugh a lot till my house crushes down on me.. y?..becoz i looked back into my drawer n found my diary..just a simple diary when i was in form1 2002..i felt so silly reading it back..bout who i liked..but now i dun even care anymore..where i did go in that words was so childish..hahaha..crap~ i also found the precious thing ever my bro gave to me after we had our silat training years ago. It was some kinda wood with motivation words on it n a note from him at the back of it, wishing me gudluck for SPM 2006..that was so sweet of u~ thanks a lot..u made me u lots!

P/S: -catch someone doing something right today and praise them for it..
-make sumone happy even they treat u bad, insyaAllah ull be bless by Allah.