Tuesday, March 17, 2009

big apple!

huh..yesterday, i am totally exhausted!. new assignments to be done before exam..urgh!..aha!..my frens and i are now a fan of big apple!..hahaha..i love the 'alien'..

today, insyaAllah..we will go to Sacc Mall to buy that crap thing..hahaha..so sweet enough to diagnose u to have diabetes..god forbid!.

nyum2..cant wait to taste it!

hahaha..suddenly i remembered my presentation for my english class..the lecturer, played it again yesterday..hahaha..i was really a jerk..hahaha...doing my silly jokes..cant describe it..ill try to ask for the video from my lecturer later..wished to watch it a lot of time...

huh..counting the days for exam!..i dunno..the main point here is, i am NOT PREPARED!!...
waa~..if only there is no exams in this world..hohoh..6 april-9 april..ur killing me!..

miss my chocolate cake!..
sorry, i cannot publish a long2 post..because i dunno wut to write about...hoho..

Monday, March 16, 2009

i want to go home!

huhu..actually,i dunno wut to write..erm..in the lab comp of my fac now..try to print for pbl repro but this maniac pendrive of mine is not working...one more work to delay..hurm..

i want to go home!...hahaha..maybe because i feel the cuakness of sem2 exam..

erm..sumtimes not all the things that u want in life, u can have it..
erm..im thinking bout sumthing rite now but i dunno how to tell in this blog..hoho..anyway..gotta go..perut sudah lapar..lps ni ade klas english plak kol 2..adios!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

CNS module is over! + sad

alhamdulillah..CNS test dh lps smlm..huhu..5 weeks of hell..hahaha..i stayed up to study the notes..so hard for me to stay up to study when i am in this medical school... i could stay up when i was in school+ matriks..but its really,totally, absolutely, definitely a miracle if I can stay up when i enter this school...hoho..owh well..yesterday was kemal's bufday..happy bufday kid!..hahaha..sorry!..just kidding! we celebrated her bufday at nando's.

erm..i dunno why..but i seem to be sad..maybe because im missing sumone..lost contact i guess..hoho...or maybe he's running away from me?..but before that, he's not my bf k.. well he is in another school now..since then he never contact me..is not that i dun want to contact him but i feel that maybe im bothering him..i feel like sumtimes i just want him to go but i can't..he is the precious person i ever knew..erm..i dunno wut to say..i am just sad because he didnt try to contact me..is alia will still be among his precious persons?..if u read my blog, i just want to tell u that i miss u so much..thnx for all u've done n please try to contact me..

huhu..cite sedyh plak!..

P/S: reproductive module is the last module for sem2..or year 1..owh ..can't imagine..time do fly very fast..year 1 is going to finish in couple of weeks..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

felt guilty

so tired..today, i accompanied my mum to get her clothes in Ampang..actually, i dun want to go..thinking i could not finish my studies if I follow..4 more weeks to go for exam....i felt so guilty..but well..mum i s a mum..n i am the daughter..i juz follow her coz im very pity of her..i remembered one of our lecturers said: korg balik umah je, tros tutup pintu..stadi je ..nk hang out ngan mak ayah pon x le..x sian ke kat dorg?..those words are kept deeply into my heart..i think im one of the person who act like that..well, i was really pissed off with myself though..such a horrible daughter..the only best thing to go home..is to see ur parents face+ siblings!..thats a wonderful situation i would love to go through out my life..how happy they are when i was home..i feel so safe..well..i am one of the member of PBSM...Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu!..huhu..remembered that my friend said that when she went home..her sis said: bile ko balik je umah, mke mak abah tros berubah..happy semacam je...

for me..i will be sad if my siblings says those words to me..but i am really happy to see their happy face when i am at home..I always hug them..showing them how much they mean to me eventhough im busy studying or wutsoeva..we should be grateful that our parents are still alive..try to be anak soleh or solehah..i dunno what would happen to me if i can't see them anymore..i pray to Allah everyday, hoping that my parents will live more longer n be healthy all the time..i really missed them..
ma n pa..i love both of u so much!..thanks for all ur sacrifices..LOVE u!

P/S: take a time to say u love ur parents before they are not there for u anymore..pray for them..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

cuak ouh!+malu+rise 4 gaza


hehe..kali ni nk type dlm malay plak a..hehe..exam final 6.4-9.4.09..btol ke ouh?..tp yg penting 6 april dh stat..ak mmg tgh cuak sgt ni even dh sure year2 dpt proceed..kecuakan ak ni sesuai sgt ngan modul tga blaja ni..central nervous system..ape ak cuak a..maybe modul ni byk gile nk hafal..igt..phm..n wutsoeva..dh lama ouh x tulis kat blog ak ni..assgnmnt ak pon x siap lagi..


23 feb tuh ade dinner night of meaningful petals..ape lagi ek nama die..x igt..hahaha..fac ak nye..kat dewan felda semarak..ye ke..hahaha..huhu..ak jadi ajk hadiah..mmg ak rse sengal gak mlm tuh..mne x gelabahnye ajk2 hadiah len bile MC x ikot susunan nama nk bg adiah..dorg x inform nk tukar susunan..kitorg punye a susun cam ayam..nak jd satu hal plak..kitorg dok blkg stage x dgr pe MC bebel..signal kitorg sape yg nek pentas je bg a..hadiah dh a len2..tup2 nk jadi cite..kitog salah bg adiah..mmg hectic ouh..tp bt2 dunno..ak lagi la..elok2 g depan bwk hamper..dpn org ramai atas stage tu..ak patah balik..hahaha..pdhl org yg nek nk amek adiah dh nek stage..salah adiah ouh!!! nasib mmbe ak bwk adiah len..ak pon x taw a..mase tu ak relaks je..x rse malu pon..tp bile pk2 balik n ade mmber yg tego..nmpk ak patah balik..uihh..rse malu tuh melompat2..hahaha..nasib a geng ak x nmpk ak bt ape..dorg tga amek gamba..ceh..lpekan ak..hehehe..x ajak join skali...x kesah a...ak mls nk pk dh..


25 feb..fac ak bt majlis tajuk atas tuh a..bg sumbgn kat amal palestin...bt time mlm..best sgt mlm tuh..abg2 year2 perform nasyid..ade sorg tuh ak ske tgk mke die..tp bile pk2 balik..ak nk je suh abg tuh jauh dpd mata aku...x tahan ouh~!!.hensem sgt..hahaha..mantap ouh..ummul pon bersajak die..terpegun ouh!..tabik spring ak weyh!..insaf gak ak mlm tuh..smgt btol budak2 medic ni..semua pkai bj hitam..cam anti-israel..pastu kat kepala..pkai kain tulis rise 4 gaza...nk jadi cite..ak n rumate ak ni mmg x de payung..dulu ade a..ak nye rosak..rumatenye ilang..bape kali ntah ilang payung die..pas2 jmpe..tp ni dh x jmpe..sian polka dots die..tup2..mlm tuh ujan!!..lebat gile plak tuh..event abes dlm kol 12 x silap..hostel pon jauh gile..duduk kami bersama rakan2 len yg x de payung sambil menikmati mihun ajk bg..lapar mnggile!..kitog dh x de harapan ouh nk balik..rse nk tdo je kat fac..klas kol 8pg..pas2..kitorg balik gak..elok2 nk balik tuh..ttbe akk senior year2 jerit panggil nek kete..semua mmbe lari ke arah kete..satu je pon kete die.mle2 ak lari gak..tp ak jd numb jap..berdiri tgk mmbe ak lari..argh!..ak nmpk je rumate ak lari..ak pon lari la ouh..mne le die tggl ak!..kete muat 3 org je coz ade akk2 len..ak dh dpt masuk ngan rumate n kema..tp ouh..mlm tuh rse serba salah la..geng len kene ujan lebat!..habis lencun..nk je ak turun kete..rumate pon sama..tp die kata dh rezeki..tp sedyh sgt ouh..mmber2 basah..nek kete tuh..abg year2 yg drive..die pesan blaja elok2..thnx abg for the drive!..balik je bilik..ak tros tdo...sok ade klas..dh x prepare 100%..mls nk pk..katil ak lagi best..tuh je ak nk cite!!hehe

P/S: ntok budak2 medic..usaha tangga kejayaan!!..hehehe..smoga kite berjaya dlm EXAM !!insyaAllah..