Saturday, March 14, 2009

CNS module is over! + sad

alhamdulillah..CNS test dh lps smlm..huhu..5 weeks of hell..hahaha..i stayed up to study the hard for me to stay up to study when i am in this medical school... i could stay up when i was in school+ matriks..but its really,totally, absolutely, definitely a miracle if I can stay up when i enter this school...hoho..owh well..yesterday was kemal's bufday..happy bufday kid!..hahaha..sorry!..just kidding! we celebrated her bufday at nando's.

erm..i dunno why..but i seem to be sad..maybe because im missing sumone..lost contact i guess..hoho...or maybe he's running away from me?..but before that, he's not my bf k.. well he is in another school now..since then he never contact not that i dun want to contact him but i feel that maybe im bothering him..i feel like sumtimes i just want him to go but i can't..he is the precious person i ever knew..erm..i dunno wut to say..i am just sad because he didnt try to contact alia will still be among his precious persons?..if u read my blog, i just want to tell u that i miss u so much..thnx for all u've done n please try to contact me..

huhu..cite sedyh plak!..

P/S: reproductive module is the last module for sem2..or year 1..owh ..can't imagine..time do fly very fast..year 1 is going to finish in couple of weeks..

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