Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting the Quack out of the System

Today i read about the phenomenon that is bashing the doctors nowadays in today's New Straits Times.

  • Poor skills in history-taking, physical examination, time management, ethics and conduct
  • Poor core knowledge; insufficient knowledge of basic problems and current management based on clinical evidence
  • Poor attitude and lack of bedside manners
Some medical universities, both local and overseas, are churning out doctors who cannot carry out common medical procedures,have no proper clinical exposure, cannot communicate effectively and cannot even take down the history of patients properly for diagnosis and treatment.

Because of these troublesome situations, its really sad to know that some of the fresh doctors are retained in their housemen training postings for years, some even up to 6 years, because they cannot meet the standards.The compulsory housemenship is 2 years.

The above circumtances really made the Malaysian Medical Council worried.

So, for all the medical students out there, who will be a doctor one day including me..insyaAllah...we should be the doctors that could fulfill all the standards needed by the Malaysian Medical Council..its not only about to fulfill the requirements but it is also imperative to make us a good doctor in all areas..

Just remember if our intention to be a doctor is for Allah ,everything will be smooth..insyaAllah

i summon all the doctors wannabe..Show the world the new good generation of doctors!

" To be a good doctor it is not how much knowledge u is clinical acumen and the skills developed in treating patients"

P/S:" Medicine is not black or white but lots of grey in between and in order to identify the grey areas, the only way is the more u see, the more u do, the more u understand"

Friday, January 30, 2009

neW bOrn bLog+cHocolatE cAkE


well2..this is my first blog ever..hehe..really wanted to have it long2 ago but im too bz..hoho..thanks to ALLAH

today is my lucky day!..i got a chocolate cake from my friend while i was waiting for sumone to pick me up from my hostel..well its mid sem break..i said thnx a lot to her mum..if only she knew dat i am a chocolate cake header..hehe..

owh well..yesterday was papa's birthday!..happy birthday dad! ur are the best ever dad i have in this whole wide world..words can't express how i feel bout u..all ur sacrificies for our family..thanks a lot PAPA!
i do love this month bcoz 9th jan is a meaningful day for me..
Happy BIRTHday again to my beloved person..u make me up n down..haha..nvm..we both like to fight..n then we will be nice to each other again..anyway,i dun care..all i know that i love u so much~..but before that,i love Allah first..

erm..on 3rd jan,it was my bestfriend's bufday..but i didnt wish her..i did it on purpose..i knew her since we were standard 1..same school-SK Taman Tasik, Ampang..well, maybe it seems like im cruel but..i was dissappointed with her becoz she never wished me on my bufday..we were apart when i went to SAM10..since that she forgot my bufday..

p/s: -dad- i luv so much
-bro- i luv u too so much
-sakinah- sumtimes..i regret wut i've done..sorry~happy belated bufday..

wuteva..all da best for all!!hehe..gudnite!