Tuesday, April 14, 2009

in heaven!

wow!..its been so long i didnt post anything..

this time i need to post it simply..just for this time..i guess!..haha..
feeling like im in heaven..finished the toughest and unfair exam in the world like the dean of the medical faculty said before ..so relieved..now , there is only one paper left-ethnic- this 21st april..
other faculties are now having their study week..n we have left the burden behind..alhamdulillah..
now, the point here is to pray a lot to Allah after we've done our very best in exam!..

P/S: year1 has finished just like that..erm..time is flying very fast..thnx for the memories my frens..thnx for being my wonderful friends..haha..can't wait for my juniors..i want to bully them..hehe..just kidding!

gambate everyone!..


  1. jgn nk hepi2 sgt.. org tgh nk study nih.. senyap.. shuuuhhhhh.. (weyhh.. ang bkn da tukaq layout ka??)

  2. haha..spe suh stat xm lambat!..haha..

    mne tukar la..kan ari tu abg ajar..x jd!!..hehe