Thursday, April 23, 2009

[looking back]

hurm,first of all..[assalamualaikum]

well,year1 totally finished on 21st april..ethnic paper not in da way anymore~...i am very2 damn boring now..hols feels like the same..probably becoz i always went back home during the weekends..pity for my mum..she always feel lonely becoz her sweet daughter is not at home..haha..always went back home?..gee~ i never missed a weekend at home eventhough i had classes on saturday..all for my mother..feel like a [gedix gurl- asik2 nk balik umah je!]

should i try not to go back home when i am in year2[insyaAllah year2 if i am alive]? i really want to do it..i think i really miss my life living in hostel..the memorable memories when i was in secondary school+matrix ..having ur life on ur own..u depend on urself to do everything..actually,the reason i choose perak matriculation college is to be far away from my house.. its not dat i dun wanna to be at home..i want to be a person who stands on her own feet..eventhough i experienced my life in hostel during 2ndry school..i dun think its enough..
my hope to study abroad after SPM didnt happened at all..i challenged myself after dad wanted to send me to egypt..but i want to have my victory based on my own hard, there i was in perak..hurm..seeing my frens studying abroad really hits my a woodman hitting my heart during my first love..[lagha2] hahaha..but thanx to Allah..i managed to get wut i dreamt of..syukran ya Allah..!!!..eventhough i am in msia..i c studying in msia is much more easier to handle after hearing my frens mumbling bout their life in first, i applied for UMS [universiti malaysia sabah]..but then my mum disagree..wut to do?..i juz followed her..

well, eventhough we said : [after ni ak nk g overseas a]+[ak akan dptkan SPM hebatnye result]+[dpt lelaki hensem jd bf..lagi elok dpt jd suami tros..haha] depends on Allah's will..i always remind myself bout that..u should too..i remembered my lecturer said : [kalo korang dh usaha btol2..dh sure hebatnye dpt jwb soklan..x semestinye Allah redha] one more my ustazah said:[ kalo Allah nk letak hijab [cm penutup/halangan]kat depan kita..time xm pon sure x le jwb even dh pulun habis]..

to my kazen..eventhough u didnt get wut u aim for ur SPM result..juz remember that there will be a more better way for u ..n of course, that comes from Allah..

hurm, eventhough we tried our very best n prayed a lot to ALLAH for ourselves n if we dun get want we want, juz stay cool n try to remember wut u did wrong to urself,to ur parents n to anyone or even ur cats~..i always do like that..n when i keep on thinking, i realized wut i did wrong..[never lost on hope ALLAH...] more when u asked sumthing from ALLAH , example: to success in ustazah[ustazah azharina] in my 2ndry school said: [doakn dulu kawan2, br diri alia..kalau doa ntok alia dulu..nmpk cm selfish je kan..jgn resau, insyaAllah , Allah tlg kite bile kite tlg kawan2]




  1. thanks for the advise my lovely kazen. i noe. i will nva give up. and i will doa byk2 n doakn my frens n semua dulu bru doa for myself. aku xtahu plak about that wan.btw, reali good advise.haha. klu ko jdi housemate aku.baek gila lar aku nnti.haha. =)

  2. malangnye ko x dpt kan..sbb ak dh bla..hahaha

  3. sama a kita, brangan nak g ovc. hihi