Sunday, August 2, 2009

wow! hols for H1N1 is over~

Align Leftits been so long i didnt post anything here..i thought that i shud really stop blogging..but suddenly POP!..n now here i am..hurm, hols? many obstacles during this hols..aiseh..h1n1 limits my activities..i felt a bit down this hols..i know why..but i dunno why i am like this..urgh~.....n also bout mum who suddenly fall sick....fever n so on..but thanks Allah...negative results for h1n1..wuu~.. thinking i might be quarantine for 7 days...feels like hell to be quarantine..what did i do during my hols?..ahaa!..i played frisbee with my frens..kimah+nadia+dilah n some lil kids i met..dunno their name..haha.. in s.a..hang out together, went home late in the nite..alone..yeah!..felt so happy~..see, alia is mumbling again n that is what blog is for..a place for me to mumble..haha..actually, i dunno what to say..haha..a bit numb here rite now..neway..i'm back!...

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