Saturday, August 8, 2009

hockey!..we lose~

hockey+progress test+medic team+al-quds are in the way..wuu~...a bit busy now..dun have the time to study becoz of training for, the day for hockey match..we lose to 'cikgu2'..haha..i meant..FEDU....won 1 game just like dat becoz FKM didnt it FKA or else..huhu..i dun care...tmrw another game..walao~..i just cant believe it..need to do our best tmrw..gudluck everyone!.. felt very happy with this SAF thing..sukan antara fakulti..erm.btw, this is the first time for 2nd year that i didnt went back home..wuu~..i dunno why, mum called and asked me whether i wanted to go back home or not..but i refused..i dunno why...i just thought i love it that way..huhu...anyway..cheers for the losers..haha..cheers also for the winners~...

p/s: i am still searching for my happiness i've already got----hockey....anything else..only God knows best..wuuuu~..


  1. huhu.. ade bdak da mule blajaq bdikari.. :D gud2!! huu~

  2. hehe..
    akk ske men hoki plak..
    x pe..bes gak...
    mng ke??